Onboard Clients with the New Bookkeeping Client Checklist

Onboard Clients with the New Bookkeeping Client Checklist

Make sure you have a handover meeting between yourself and the bookkeeper to discuss details and anything unique to this project. By this point, you’ll know how familiar and comfortable the client is with bookkeeping and how much involvement they want in the process. If there are processes they will continue to look after, e.g., coding receipts, send this documentation to them. Lastly, if you still need to set up or gain access to apps or tools, now is the time to do it before the final stage of the internal setup process. With that done, you can show your client your working systems and methods, including any relevant tools, practice management, and any naming conventions they might see when working with you.

Integrating the power of efficient onboarding with customer experience, this platform masters CRM (customer relationship management). Ensuring if they are happy with your service and understanding how you can improve will only strengthen your relationship. As a standard practice, two weeks into the relationship, you can initiate regular feedback communications. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of their needs and will customize services accordingly. This process will help you optimize your standardized onboarding from time to time. Creating a successful onboarding experience needs you to standardize a framework that can yield you optimal results repeatedly.

Team meeting with the client (aka client kickoff meeting)

Remember, the questions can help you solve a problem or meet the client’s expectations. If you’re looking for simple workflow templates which include templates for bookkeeping firm workflows to stay on top of your bookkeeping client onboarding checklist, you can download one for free here. It also contains 31 other free accounting workflow templates to help you run your business more efficiently.

Lessons learned on how top firms grow fast, build stronger teams, and increase profit while working less. It is not uncommon for companies to have ongoing challenges with various regulatory bodies, from the IRS to labor bodies. Including this question allows you to prepare beforehand to help them sort it out. Believe us; most companies want to pass these headaches to professionals like you.

  • Once you’ve set up your client’s bank feed on QuickBooks Online, you can import their historical bank transactions into QuickBooks Online.
  • Keep in mind that while a client might be looking for bookkeeping services, they may also need other accounting services.
  • Let the client tell you their business name, address, and industry or nature of business.
  • Know the type of inventory the business has, its volume, and the type of inventory management system they have.

A client’s business structure will affect every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping. Whether they’re a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, an S-Corp, or a C-Corp, online payroll for small business it’s important to know. Their answer may suggest other questions that should be included in your accounting client on-boarding checklist template.

Send welcome documents

Some firms choose to automate the onboarding process using software. You can automate steps like training schedules and meeting reminders to speed up some aspects of the process. However, it’s best to add a personal touch and deal with clients face-to-face if you want to develop a strong relationship. Client onboarding refers to the process of welcoming new clients to your business, answering their questions and concerns, and teaching them about the software you use. It helps you establish a solid foundation for a working relationship, ensuring both parties know what is expected of them. An onboarding checklist helps you determine the crucial stages of the process so you don’t miss anything.

Create Expense Categories

It also helps you get right to the point and zero in on opportunities to address necessary concerns. Many firms run into obstacles when trying to devise an effective client onboarding process. For example, it takes time to build rapport with a new client and learn about their needs. There are plenty of firms out there that don’t want to invest time into the process, and that’s where you have a key opportunity to stand out. Now it’s time to create a new account in your workflow or practice management software and assign jobs and due dates.

Child and Dependent Tax Credit for …

If you are bundling the cost of their software into your fees, you can set up their account so they’re ready to go and then invite them from your Accountant Hub. Use the onboarding meeting to talk about the benefits of Collaborative Accounting and getting more hands-on with their business financials. Explain how being involved and educated in the process—and paying you for advisory-level guidance instead of paperwork—can empower them and give them the insights they need to grow. The certification is free, takes just 4 hours or less to complete, and is entirely online and self-directed, so you can do it anytime.

A relatively new business will have different bookkeeping needs, like setting up the bookkeeping software, payroll software, and inventory management system. The aim is to set up a new checklist of bookkeeping items to request depending on the business’s longevity and existing bookkeeping system. It’s useful to create a roadmap that you can send to the client, too.

A Simple Accounting Client Onboarding Checklist (Free Template)

Use client information already received to set up things like cloud storage, payroll, and time tracking. The bookkeeping client onboarding questionnaire is like an interview where you want to know more about the customer. So start with the basic, simple questions to help you understand what they deal with. Let the client tell you their business name, address, and industry or nature of business. For the purposes of this article, onboarding is defined as the process of bringing a new client on board, incorporating training and orientation. You could also schedule meetings with your client to provide reports on the accounting process.

Your new accounting client checklist should start with this open-ended question. Unlike bookkeepers, whose roles are more administrative and transactional, accountants provide more insights into the business’s finances. Therefore, it is best to allow the customer to explain what challenges they are facing.

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